Onyang Lamp Collection

Lamp series for Onyang Folk Museum


Onyang Lamp Collection is a series of lamps designed with the goal of creating contemporary objects that interact with the materials and collections used in the architecture of Onyang Folk Museum.

The project is based on Onyang Folk Museum by architect Itami Jun(1937-2011) and Seok-chul Kim(1943-2016) in Asan-si of Korea. Gujeong Art Center of Onyang Folk Museum is the first building built in Korea by Itami Jun, a Korean Japanese architect. The Onyang Folk Museum was built in a way that emphasizes the properties of raw materials such as wood, rock, and red brick for reflecting landscape around. In addition, the museum's collections are mainly folk crafts, preserving the traditional lifestyle of Korea.

Among the collections of the Onyang Folk Museum, I transform the structure and usage of the lampstand made in the Joseon dynasty and apply contemporary typologies like a table, floor, wall, and pendant lamp for the modern setting. Copper is used as a core material for reflecting the architectural identity of the museum. Because of the main materials of the museum makes harmony with copper. The copper plate is applied as a reflector of the light source, and you can choose aluminum or black painted steel plates depending on the atmosphere of the space in mind. Wall lamp and floor lamp have a mounting system similar to those used for the old-fashioned lampstand. With this method, the installation of the wall lamp is made easier, and the floor lamp can adjust the height of the light source.

steel, copper, polycarbonate pipe, led G9 bulb

Table lamp

Ø120 x W165 x H275(mm)

Floor lamp

Ø120 x W230 x H1412(mm)

Wall lamp

Ø120 x W170 x H304(mm)

Pendant type

Ø230 x H324(mm)

Photo by

Sangyong Shim

Seungyeon Shim